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27“SINOLA”has not only spread 31 provinces in China, but also exported to many countries such as Europe,southeast Asia,South America etc 120 countries and regions !

There are a large number of elites on research and management in my company.
Our company has become the world’s top 100 construction machinery manufacturers and the largest dry mortar plant machinery manufacturers. Teamwork, excellence.
And continuous efforts to improve our technology, services and management, we are working to become the best company in the industry. The technical backbone to provide customers with more efficient, more reliable and satisfactory service.
In addition, our post-doctoral research center to continue to strengthen the R & D team. The management of innovation and development of our economic growth and prosperity of the guarantee. Our company introduced ERP management, Six Sigma, 6S, and other advanced management system, In addition, it also attracted a number of senior managers to bring more new ideas.
We know that the customer needs, we provide the best parts and service levels and on-site training and management. Customers whenever we need, our experienced specialists will be real-time services based on their needs.