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SBW250 three-cylinder grouting pump performance characteristics

BW250 three-cylinder grouting pump, also known as BW250 mud pump, BW250 grouting machine, is a horizontal three-cylinder reciprocating single-acting piston pump with two cylinder diameters and four-speed variables. The large cylinder liner is used for 1000-meter large-diameter drilling rigs. The cylinder liner is used for 1500m small diameter drilling rigs. BW250 three-cylinder grouting pump [...]

7月 22nd, 2019|Categories: Dry Mortar Mixing Plant|Tags: , , |SBW250 three-cylinder grouting pump performance characteristics已关闭评论

Wet concrete spraying system for tunnel

The wet concrete spraying system for tunnel plays an important role in the tunnel construction process, providing initial support for the entire tunnel construction and ensuring the safety of subsequent tunnel construction, especially for large section super-long highways and railway tunnels. With the frequent construction of highway, railway and subway tunnels in China, tunnel [...]

7月 11th, 2019|Categories: Shotcrete Machine|Tags: , , |Wet concrete spraying system for tunnel已关闭评论

Operation Safety Index of Dry Shotcrete Machine

Dry shotcrete machine operation safety index 1. When connecting the power cable, connect the tensile strength, the cable interface seal, and the protection of the explosion-proof surface. 2. When the shotcrete machine is spraying the materials, it is necessary to prevent long and large metal blocks such as bolts and nuts from entering [...]

7月 5th, 2019|Categories: Concrete Spraying Machine|Tags: , , |Operation Safety Index of Dry Shotcrete Machine已关闭评论

Characteristics and application of high pressure grouting pump

The high-pressure grouting pump can pump a new generation of products such as clean water and high-density cement slurry, and is equipped with a speed regulating mechanism, which can be used as a variable pump. It has the characteristics of reasonable parameters, advanced technology, reliable quality, excellent performance and beautiful appearance. [...]

6月 29th, 2019|Categories: Grout Pump|Tags: , |Characteristics and application of high pressure grouting pump已关闭评论

Secondary construction column pump advantages

Application of secondary construction column pump suction pump Application in high-rise building ash mortar and fine stone concrete transportation, secondary structural column filling, reservoir, hydropower station, port, dock, various pressure grouting, foundation treatment, weak foundation, reinforcement grouting, tunnel, subway, mine backfilling Grouting bolt support, large-area, high-efficiency construction of fine stone concrete filling [...]

6月 23rd, 2019|Categories: Concrete Pump|Tags: , , |Secondary construction column pump advantages已关闭评论

Maintenance of cement tanks during use

About the sealing The cement silo works outdoors all the year round, and the cement itself has strong corrosiveness. The cement silo may have problems of poor sealing. Then we should always check the equipment and carry out related maintenance work during use, so as to prevent the unsafe Factors caused by [...]

6月 20th, 2019|Categories: Concrete Batch Machine|Tags: , , |Maintenance of cement tanks during use已关闭评论
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