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Our commitment

Act as a good adviser and assistant of clients; enable them to get rich and generous returns on their investments;

● Select equipment model;
● Design and manufacture products according to clients’ special requirement;
● Train technical personnel for clients.

Respect clients; devote ourselves to improving the total value of clients.

● Pre-check and accept products ahead of delivery;
● help clients to draft solution.

Provide considerate services to minimize clients’ worries.

● Assist clients to prepare for the first construction scheme;
● Install and debug the equipment;
● Train the first-line operators on site;
● Examine the equipment regularly;
● Take initiative to eliminate the troubles rapidly at site;
● Distribute the guarantee fittings door-to-door;
● provide perfect service;
● Provide technical exchanging;
● Provide maintenance for big items.
● Highly inspecting equipments in every working procedure, quality comes first;
● Fast & Safe Delivery;
● Assisting our clients for foundation construction of equipments;
● Dispatching engineers to install and debug equipments;
● Training the first-line operators on site;
● Regularly visit clients to solve production problems;
● Providing life-long maintenance service;
● Providing technical exchanging;

About Us

Henan Oriental Machinery Co., Ltd. is a state-designated manufacturer and exporter of Road and Building construction machineries since 1989, We are the manufacturer ,supplier&exporter of semi-automatic and full-automatic dry mortar mixing plants,large and medium size of concrete mixing plants,all kinds of concrete mixers and cement silos,Rotary dryer Series,Mortar Spraying and Pump.


Installation and commissioning

Sincola Installation and commissioning Our technical team can install abroad,Solve customer problems more.


Strong sales team

Sincola we have a professional sales team,Providing customers with a variety of solutions.Service with a smile, really for the sake of customers.

Technical team

Technical team

Our technical team, design, manufacture, improvement, product test. He has 15 years of experience.Serious, responsible, is our mission.