Wet concrete spraying system for tunnel

////Wet concrete spraying system for tunnel

Wet concrete spraying system for tunnel

The wet concrete spraying system for tunnel plays an important role in the tunnel construction process, providing initial support for the entire tunnel construction and ensuring the safety of subsequent tunnel construction, especially for large section super-long highways and railway tunnels.

With the frequent construction of highway, railway and subway tunnels in China, tunnel concrete spraying technology is the basic condition for ensuring the safety of tunnel construction. Therefore, the requirements for injection technology are very high.

The dry concrete shotcrete machine has high labor intensity and generates a lot of dust, which will seriously endanger the health of workers during the operation. The wet shotcrete machine has high production efficiency and low resilience. It not only has good quality of shotcrete, but also greatly reduces the dust concentration and eliminates the harm of dust to workers’ health.

The tunnel wet spray concrete technology has the advantages of high safety, high environmental protection, high efficiency and low cost. As the initial support technology for tunnel construction, wet concrete spraying system provides the basic guarantee for the construction quality of the tunnel construction, improves the safety of tunnel construction and improves the safety. Tunnel construction quality.

Concrete spray system with robotic arm shotcrete machine application
This china manufacture robot automatically shotcrete machine are suitable for bigger fracture surface, project which need big output, and tunnel construction which need high efficiency shotcrete.China manufacture robot automatically shotcrete machine, Concrete Spraying System applied in railway tunnel, Road slope protection etc.

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