Shotcrete Machine And Concrete Jet Manipulator

Shotcrete Machine And Concrete Jet Manipulator

Concrete shotcrete machine

Shotcrete machine is the use of compressed air to transport a certain proportion of concrete mix through the pipeline and high-speed injection to the surface to be solidified by the spray surface to form a concrete support layer. In recent years, shotcrete technology has been widely used in construction, railway tunnel construction, mine shaft construction, slope reinforcement and other fields due to its simple process, unique effects, economical cost and fast construction speed.

Concrete jet manipulator

The concrete jet manipulator refers to the concrete jet machine supporting machinery that operates the nozzle for spraying. There are two ways of walking between the rail wheel and the tire. The former is suitable for mine roadway injection, the latter is mostly used for tunneling and large-section cavern engineering. The working mechanism is composed of a nozzle rotating mechanism, a four-link automatic parallel arm, a sleeve telescopic arm, and a swing angle scanning arm.

The workplace where the robot shotcrete manipulator is used. Except for underground caverns, high-rise building foundation pits and other shapes that are excavated due to different uses. The basic shapes of the cross-sectional contours of various railway road tunnels, subways, mine roadways, water conservancy and hydropower culverts are semi-circular arches, or arc arches, and three-heart arches.

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