Wet Shotcrete Machine Working Principle And Advantages

////Wet Shotcrete Machine Working Principle And Advantages

Wet Shotcrete Machine Working Principle And Advantages

Working principle of wet shotcrete machine

The working process of the concrete jet machine is: the premixed mixture falls into the hopper through the screen, and is transferred from the skipper and the batching tray into the falling hopper to the rotor cup. As the rotor rotates into the pneumatic system, the mixture is composed of The compressed air drives the combined plate, the discharge elbow, and the conveying pipe to the nozzle, and is mixed with water to be sprayed at a high speed to the surface to be sprayed.

The working principle of the concrete shotcrete machine: using compressed air as the power, the mixture is delivered to the nozzle in the sealed state, and then sprayed to the sprayed surface at high speed.

Advantage of wet shotcrete machine

The wet shotcrete machine, also known as the pump type shotcrete machine, is the first choice for anchor spray support and blast furnace injection with good comprehensive performance. Such as reducing dust, reducing rebound and saving materials at home and abroad. Compared with dry and damp shotcrete machines, it has the advantages of small working dust, less spray rebound, protection of working environment, saving of raw materials, improvement of spray quality, and easy operation and maintenance. The concrete wet shotcrete machine adopts low-pressure low-speed vortex airflow conveying, and the working principle of close-range spraying overcomes the problems of plugging, pulse, and separation, etc., making the jet stream uniform and stable. Improve the spray quality. The use of wet shotcrete machine for shotcreting operation can greatly reduce dust concentration and rebound rate, increase the thickness of one spray layer, improve production efficiency and ensure project quality.

1. The sealing structure is good, which reduces the degree of dust pollution and small dust.
2. The amount of rebound is small, saving materials.
3. Since the concrete has been mixed well before spraying, the concrete mix ratio is ensured, thus ensuring the quality of the concrete.

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