Maintenance of cement tanks during use

////Maintenance of cement tanks during use

Maintenance of cement tanks during use


About the sealing

The cement silo works outdoors all the year round, and the cement itself has strong corrosiveness. The cement silo may have problems of poor sealing. Then we should always check the equipment and carry out related maintenance work during use, so as to prevent the unsafe Factors caused by corrosion.

Regular inspection of cement tanks. If it occurs on double-sided welding, the weld seams are polished too much. Although it looks relatively beautiful, if the welded joints are finished, the welds will no longer be firm. During the process, the sandstone Friction is experienced for a long time, and the sealing property is problematic.
Always check the use of cement tanks; check whether the positive and negative poles of the communication line are correct before and after the operation, whether the cement tank discharge button is working, whether the electrical components or the metering unit are faulty, etc. If The above situation should be repaired immediately, ensure that the cement tank is in normal operation.

About the foundation

The cement tank is no exception. To prevent the collapse of the cement pipe, the foundation is a step of the cement tank. When constructing the foundation map before the foundation is built, It is also necessary to make the foundation map based on the height and weight of the cement tank and the height of the legs. The depth of the foundation pit is not only combined with the Concrete tank itself. Nature, but also combined with the environment, the root must be combined with the natural climate production, but also pay attention to the construction must not be started when it rains.

After all the installation procedures are completed, check carefully to see if it is secure. The tank is generally used in the bulk cement storage of the concrete mixing station. The tank is easy to install, safe and reliable, and is an ideal bulk Storage tank for various mixing stations.

Daily maintenance of cement tanks can be said to be a maintenance item that must be done every day, and maintenance work to be done before and after the use of cement tanks. The focus of this maintenance is on inspection. Before and after the operation, It is necessary to check whether the cement tank has signs of ash spraying, whether the material level is accurate, or the legs of the cement silo are deformed, and whether the screw conveyor is operating normally.

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