Secondary construction column pump advantages

////Secondary construction column pump advantages

Secondary construction column pump advantages

Application of secondary construction column pump suction pump

Application in high-rise building ash mortar and fine stone concrete transportation, secondary structural column filling, reservoir, hydropower station, port, dock, various pressure grouting, foundation treatment, weak foundation, reinforcement grouting, tunnel, subway, mine backfilling Grouting bolt support, large-area, high-efficiency construction of fine stone concrete filling layer or mortar filling layer in floor heating project.

Performance characteristics

1. Using advanced smooth s pipe valve reversing: can meet the transportation of fine stone concrete or commercial fine stone concrete, it is not suitable to block the pipe;
2. Spectacle plate and cutting ring: high hardness and wear-resistant alloy material, longer life;
3. High export pressure: it can meet the transportation requirements of high-rise buildings and long-distance construction;
4. The hydraulic oil cooling adopts air cooling system: the cooling effect is good, the use is simple, and it is not easy to pollute the oil;
5. Adopting stepless manual variable displacement: it can meet the different requirements of many users for the discharge speed;
6. Advanced wireless remote control function: Improve remote control distance, facilitate remote control operation, and make products more humanized;

The main advantages of the secondary construction column pump

(1) The power consumption of the pump is very small, only 5.5kw, and it only needs to be equipped with a minimum generator to operate without power supply.
(2) It is the smallest concrete pump in the country and is the only choice for many narrow construction environments.
(3) The pump is light in weight and easy to move.
(4) High pump configuration, full hydraulic operation, stable performance, compact structure, low failure rate and long service life.
(5) The pump is affordable, and there are three configurations of micro mortar pump, micro-fine concrete pump and micro concrete pump for customers to choose.
(6) The automatic air pressure technology of the piston structure is adopted, the working pressure is large, the pumping distance is long, and the pumping height is high.
(7) The principle is simple, hydraulic control is good to operate.
(8) Small size and convenient for indoor use.
(9) Save time and improve efficiency.
(10) It can save expenses and shorten the construction period.

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