ORM8 wall plaster machine

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Project Description

Wall plastering machine

ORM8 wall plaster machine-1

kinds of products recommended

  • Use inclinometers; ORM8 rendering machine equiped inclinometers so it’s easy to determine verticality. no need to manual adjust.
  • Foldable pole is convenient for move machine trough door from one room to another.

After 7th generation’s development, our auto render machine, perform well in applications:

  • √ Brick Wall
  • √ Block Wall
  • √ Manual operation wall



Model Rendering Height
Rendering Weight
Rendering Speed
Rendering Thickness
Power Electricity Phase Dimension
SRM6 3.5 1000 70-80 5-30 1.1KW/2.2KW/


Single/Three 1000×


SRM7 3.5 800,1000,1200 75-80 1.1KW/2.2KW/380V/220V-50HZ/60HZ Single/Three 1000×


SRM8 3.5 1000,1200 80-100 1.5KW/380V/220V-50HZ/60HZ Single/Three 1200×



ORM8 wall plaster machine

ORM8 wall plaster machine


Introductions Of Automatic Rendering Machine

ORM8 Automatic Rendering Machine For Wall is suitable for the construction industry.plastering a wall plaster machine easier,faster and effortless compared with manual application.wall plastering machine also can work with different mortar which bring it to a smooth,flat finish with adjustable thickness to suit each application.

Features of Automatic Plaster Machine

1.It can plaster the wall automatically and go up and down automatically.
2.It can molding by one-time.The thickness of the ash can be adjusted.
3.Flexible to move,without removing any parts of the machine.
4.It has large capacity hopper,you can put the coating in it one-time.
5.Do not need to use scaffold.Easy to operate.One or two person can operate.
6.The quality is up to the international standard.Leakage protection device with high sensitivity, suitable for construction site safety and reliability.


Advantages of Automatic Plastering Machine:

A>. Automatically Walking It can reach the very top of the roof.
B>. Automatically Positioning.
C>. Automatically Adjust the Thickness of Plastering.
D>. Automatically Adjust the Joint of Plastering.
E>. Automatically Adjust the Perpendicularity.
F>. Automatically Adjust the Machine Requirement for Uneven Land.
G>. Suitable for Different Height Storeys.

Usage For Automatic Plastering Machine

Brick Wall And Block Wall 1.Cement Mortar
2.Ready Mix Mortar
3.Gypsum Mortar
4.Lime Mortar

● Saving valuable time for projects.
● Increasing the productivity. Render up to 500 m²/8h (adjusting is 2mm-300mm).
● Saving labor and other related cost.
● The working condition, preparation and raw objects work with are all similar as manual rendering. Be portable, easy operation and maintenance. Be easy controlling of windows, corners, sockets.

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