SKC30 Robot Arm Concrete Spraying Machine

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Project Description

SKC3016 Robot Arm Concrete Spraying Machine










shotcrete machine for tunnel

5 reasons for choosing our products

  • Capacity:30M³/H;
  • Walk: Wheeled, track;
  • Drive: Electric, diesel, air-operated ;
  • Concrete:Size15-25;
  • Wet mix concrete tunnel;

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Technical Parameters of SKC30 Concrete Robot Shotcrete Machine
NO Item Datas
1 Whole Machine Dimensions 8000×2500×3400mm
Weight 18700kg
2 Boom & Leg Boom type Full hydraulic telescopic & rotating spray arm, Wireless remote control operation.
Spray vertical distance 16.5m
Spray horizontal distance 2×14m
Farthest spray distance in front 14.2m
Tunnel Minimum height 4m
Maximum operating depth 8m
Large Main arm rotation angle 270°
large boom pitching angle -30°~+60°
Small arm rotation angle 270°
small boom pitching angle -60°~+35°
Axial nozzle rotary angle 360°
Nozzle axial swing Angle 270°
nozzle swipe angle 360° continuous rotation
The front leg span 3000mm
working Drive mode Normal working for electric motor driving,
diesel driven discharging and cleaning and retractable arm frame
when the electric break down suddenly
Electric motor power 75kW
Voltage We can offer 440v/50Hz
Arm Working control mode Wireless remote control operation & stick control
Effective remote control distance 100m
3 Pump system Rated output 4-30m3/h
System pressure 20Mpa
Max convey output pressure 10Mpa
concrete cylinder inside diameter Φ180mm
concrete cylinder travel distance 1000mm
maximum particle size 20mm
Feeding height 1300mm
4 Chassis Tread 1840mm
Wheel base 4220mm
Front and rear axle drive mode 4×4 four-wheel drive
Gradeability 40%
Diesel engine power 93kw
Minimum ground clearance 450mm
Brake form Full hydraulic four-wheel drive
Type of steering drive Hydraulic steering
Minimum turning radius 5m
Driving directions bidirectional driving
Cab Safety ceiling
5 Additive system Cable 100m
Air compressor power 75kw
Air compressor output 13m3/h
Air compressor pressure 0.8MPa
Accelerator metering pump CAM rotor Hose pump
Accelerating adjustment Type variable frequency motor speed control
Additive output 30-700L/h
Accelerating adjustment precision ±2 L/h
Accelerator delivery pressure Max: 2MPa
Accelerator box volume capacity 1000L






Introductions Of SKC30 robot arm Concrete Spraying machine

The ORIENTAL – SKC30 robot arm concrete spraying machine is a concrete spraying system specially developed for use in mines, tunnels and outdoor construction.

Working Principle of SKC30 robot arm Concrete Spraying machine

The ORIENTAL – SKC30 robot arm concrete spraying system is equipped with an automatic system for high precision synchronization between concrete pump and the additive dosing unit, thereby assuring spraying accuracy and quality. All the machine functions are available via the remote control, which facillitates the operator’s work.

Features Of SKC30 robot arm Concrete Spraying machine

The system has a modular design, and can fit a large verity of applications.
The system consists of a diesel hydrostatic driven carrier and a spraying boom.
The chassis is designed to work in the toughest conditions in line with the requirements of mines, tunnels and outdoor construction. The six wheel drive increase its perfect manoeuvrability in difficult driving situations.

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