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Project Description

High pressure grouting pumps

High pressure grouting pumps can be used in the following areas:

○ Soft foundation treatment, high pressure rotary jet grouting;

○ High-pressure water jet assists in breaking rock and falling coal;

○ Coal mine underground hydraulic props supply liquid;

○ Anchoring hydraulic expansion metal paving rod to pump high pressure water;

○ Underground large pipeline dredging cleaning;

○ Chemical pump;

○ High-pressure water jet, horizontally drilling through holes;


No Main Technical Parameters Unit
Motor Power 55KW 90KW
1 Motor Model YE2VP280M-6 YE2VP280M-4 /
2 Form of Action Horizontal reciprocating single acting plunger type Horizontal reciprocating single acting plunger type /
3 Plungers Quantity 3 3 Piece
4 Plunger diameter 50 50 mm
5 Work schedule 100 100 mm
6 Input Rotating speed 390~900 590~1330 r/min
7 Output 32~75 50~110 L/min
8 Working Pressure 36 40 MPa
9 Suction pipe diameter 64 64 mm
10 Discharge pipe diameter 25 25 mm
11 Dimensions 2820×1270×1220 2820×1270×1220 mm
12 Total Weight 3380 3450 Kg

High pressure grouting pumpscement grouting pumpHigh pressure grouting pumps

Description of high pressure grouting pumps

This series of high pressure grouting pumps is a light high pressure pump that has been carefully developed to meet the growing high pressure grouting technology. The latest generation of products that can pump medium such as clear water and high-density cement slurry, and equipped with a speed control mechanism, can be used as a variable pump. It has the characteristics of reasonable parameters, advanced technology, reliable quality, excellent performance and beautiful appearance.

Working medium of grouting pumps

   The working medium must be filtered through a filter of 20 mesh or more to filter out harmful solid particles. If there are more solid particles in the medium, increase the number of filtrations. The common failures caused by poor filtration are as follows:

  1. Since the hydraulic end of the mud pump is sealed as rubber, the solid particles are pressed into the rubber by the valve plate under high pressure. If the particles are large, the valve plate will be padded, causing the seal to fail and damage the valve plate and the valve seat.
  2. If the particles are small, but the quantity is large, after accumulating to a certain extent, the valve plate will be padded, causing the seal to fail and damage the valve seat and the valve plate.
  3. Because the gap between the valve plate and the limit sleeve is small, if the larger particles are squeezed in, the valve plate can be stuck, causing the pump to work abnormally and damage the valve seat.
  4. Users of cement slurry should note: due to the different cement producers used, the size and quantity of iron beans in the cement are different. Please use a suitable filter according to the situation to ensure the high pressure pump can work normally.

Main function Of high pressure grouting pump

High-pressure grouting pump is mainly used for soft ground treatment, high-pressure jet grouting; high-pressure water jet assists rock breaking; coal mine hydraulic props for underground hydraulics; anchored hydraulic expansion metal pumping pump for high-pressure water; underground large-scale pipeline dredging Cleaning; chemical pump; high-pressure water jet horizontal through hole drilling; other uses grouting pump;

cement grouting pump

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