Characteristics and application of high pressure grouting pump

////Characteristics and application of high pressure grouting pump

Characteristics and application of high pressure grouting pump

The high-pressure grouting pump can pump a new generation of products such as clean water and high-density cement slurry, and is equipped with a speed regulating mechanism, which can be used as a variable pump. It has the characteristics of reasonable parameters, advanced technology, reliable quality, excellent performance and beautiful appearance.

Hydraulic grouting pump performance

1. The hydraulic grouting pump is a professional grouting equipment, which can realize single-liquid grouting and double-liquid grouting.
2. The hydraulic grouting pump adopts full hydraulic pressure, small volume and light weight, and is suitable for a wide range of construction.
3. The adjustable performance is better: the pressure and displacement of the grouting pump can be set arbitrarily within the design range. When the pressure exceeds the allowable pressure, the overflow valve will automatically open, and the cylinder and cylinder will stop working. Safety effect.
4. In the inflammable and explosive construction sites such as coal mines, the motor of the hydraulic grouting pump uses an explosion-proof motor, which can also be used safely.
5. An anti-seismic pressure gauge is provided in the hydraulic system to accurately reflect the working state of the pump.
6. The hydraulic grouting pump can also be used as a clean water pump, sewage pump and mud pump.

This series of high pressure pumps can be used in the following fields

Soft foundation treatment, high-pressure jet grouting; high-pressure water jet assisted rock-breaking; coal mine hydraulic props for underground hydraulics; anchoring hydraulic expansion metal paving pump for high-pressure water; underground large-scale pipeline dredging cleaning; chemical pump; Water jet horizontally through the hole for drilling; other uses for grouting pumps;

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