Cement grouting injection machine malaysia

////Cement grouting injection machine malaysia

Cement grouting injection machine malaysia

The high pressure cement grout injection pump is a light high pressure pump. The latest generation of products that can pump medium such as clear water and high-density cement slurry, and equipped with a speed control mechanism, can be used as a variable pump. It has the characteristics of reasonable parameters, advanced technology, reliable quality, excellent performance and beautiful appearance.

Five basic principles of selecting cement grouting injection machine

1. The cement grouting injection machine should be matched with the geological conditions of the stratum to be constructed. In complex strata, the swivel capacity and lifting capacity of the high-spray trolley should be fully considered, and appropriate margins should be reserved;

2. The selection of high pressure grouting pump equipment should be compatible with the construction depth. When the depth is deep, the high-power, high-tower and other trolleys and the pressure-intensive grouting pump or clean water pump should be selected;

3. The cement grouting pump should be compatible with the high-spraying process.

4. The cement grouting injection pump should be matched with the design wall (pile) body type.

5. When the high-pressure grouting pump is in condition, it should also use equipment construction equipment with high degree of automation and metering device as much as possible.

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