Advantages of automatic feeding shotcrete machine

///Advantages of automatic feeding shotcrete machine

Advantages of automatic feeding shotcrete machine

Electric motor concrete sprayer automatic feeding shotcrete machine widely used in coal mine, tunnels, culverts, subway, underground engineering ect.

The following are the advantages of automatic feeding shotcrete machine

1, labor saving
Provincial labor: Tunnel construction is one of the most difficult environments in the existing construction, and it is a high-risk environment. This product features mechanical automatic unloading equipment, which can be easily operated by only 2~3 people. It is necessary to equip 6~10 workers to feed in order to ensure the normal operation of a shotcrete machine. Save a lot of manpower to reduce the risk of high-risk environmental workers.

2, saving materials
Material saving: The hopper discharge port is provided with a regulating feed speed gate, which can adjust the cutting speed according to the spraying speed without causing the mixing material to leak to the lower barrel of the spray machine to cause waste of the mixing material. It avoids the manual cutting with a shovel and a shovel. The lifting process causes a large amount of mixing material to leak around and the air cannot be fully utilized.

3, reduce pollution
First of all, the hopper automatic cutting process is that the hopper discharge port is directly aligned with the lowering of the shotcrete machine, and the mixing material is not subjected to the artificial lifting process, thereby avoiding a large amount of mixture waste and dust pollution generated in the process of popping up. Secondly, this product changed the return structure of the original shotcrete machine and completely eliminated the return air dust.

automatic feeding shotcrete machine
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