How to Mix Cement with Sand——Dry Mortar Production Line

///How to Mix Cement with Sand——Dry Mortar Production Line

How to Mix Cement with Sand——Dry Mortar Production Line

dry mortar production line

Dry mortar production line:

The dry mortar production line is mainly composed of hoist, premixed warehouse, small silo, mixer, finished product warehouse, packaging machine, dust collector, electric control cabinet and gas phase balance system. A large proportion of raw materials such as cement can be manually metered into the premixed warehouse through the hoist. Small proportions of precious masterbatch such as cellulose and rubber powder can be metered into the admixture hopper through the electronic scale. After mixing, the packaging machine is automatically weighed and packaged.

mixture of cement and sand
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Mixture of cement mortar feature:

Dry mortar plays a role in bonding, lining, protection and decoration in a thin layer in the construction industry. Construction and decoration engineering applications are extremely extensive.

Dry mix mortar formulations:

Dry mortar, including ordinary water-mixed mortar, polymer water mixed-secondary slurry, special-purpose mortar and quick-repair mortar.

Ordinary water-mixed mortar is composed of cementitious materials, aggregates (dry sand), mineral admixtures (mainly fly ash), admixtures, etc;
Polymer cement mortar is composed of special water mixture, quartz sand, styrene-butadiene styrene copolymer and additives;
Special function mortar is composed of special cement, sand, additives and materials configured according to functional requirements;
The quick repair mortar is composed of common cement, plasticizer, early strength agent, binder, sand and other materials.

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