Basic Operating Rules for Concrete Mixers

///Basic Operating Rules for Concrete Mixers

Basic Operating Rules for Concrete Mixers

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The composition of concrete is: cement, water, sand and some powder. Put the raw materials into the mixer for mixing. After all, it becomes commercial concrete. The concrete mixer is suitable for all kinds of large, medium and prefabricated components factories and roads, bridges, water conservancy, dock industrial and civil construction projects.

Concrete mixers’s operating rules

1. The mixer should be placed in a solid place and stabilized by brackets or legs. It is not allowed to replace the support with a tire.

2. Check whether the controllers and parts are good before starting the mixer. There must be no foreign objects in the drum.

3. When the mixer hopper is raised, it is strictly forbidden for personnel to pass or stay under the hopper. The mixer hopper should be fixed after work.

4. When the mixer is running, it is strictly forbidden to extend the tool into the drum.

5. When the site is being repaired, the mixer hopper should be fixed and the power supply should be cut off. When entering the mixer drum, there should be someone outside to monitor.

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