How to clean and maintain wall plastering machine

////How to clean and maintain wall plastering machine

How to clean and maintain wall plastering machine

The wall plastering machine is a machine that automatically plasters the wall surface. The cement plaster machine belongs to the field of construction machinery. Its advantages and practicality are strong. It eliminates the need for management, pumping and other processes in the construction of plastering wall ash, saving labor, time and convenience. It is easy to operate and has excellent engineering quality, especially for workers who do not have any experience and skills in wall rendering.

wall plastering machine

Plastering machine daily maintenance and cleaning

First, cleaning and maintenance is very important, thorough cleaning and instant maintenance will make your machine look like new every day.
Flushing focus: inside and outside the conveyor belt, vibrator, front and rear of the stencil, ash bucket, hydraulic casing, climbing wheel, caster and surface rinsing.

  1. The flushing position in the conveyor belt is on both sides of the machine, and the angle formed by the main drive shaft and the conveyor belt is flushed with a water pipe.
  2. The method of washing the casters. Use our square tube or other to pick up the machine, use a mineral water bottle, put a small eye on the bottle cap, and rinse the universal part to make it flexible.
  3. There is sand ash on the pole, and it is washed with woven bag under the water.
  4. There is sand ash on the nylon wheel. To remove the pole, use hydraulic pressure to drive two sleeves and wash with high pressure water.

Second, maintenance
The guide column in the oil window, the movable part of the wiper lever, the clutch plate of the electromagnetic clutch, the hydraulic sleeve, the chain, the wire rope and all the strong wires have to be oiled once a day.

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