Automatic Rendering Machine for Sale

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Automatic Rendering Machine for Sale

With the improvement of people’s living standards, people are increasingly demanding the living environment of houses. Painting walls is indispensable for the decoration process of houses. The traditional powder wall brushing process mainly relies on manual operation. This working method has many shortcomings: the workload is large, the process is cumbersome, the labor intensity is large, the work is harmful to the workers, and the higher wall needs to be equipped with a tripod, which causes delays in construction. The painting operation is inconvenient, a lot of financial and material resources are wasted, and the quality is not guaranteed.

Automatic wall plastering machine brings convenience and benefits to the construction industry. The automatic wall rendering machine is widely used in wall plastering operations in commercial houses, office buildings, factories, schools, and self-built houses in rural areas. Secondly, the automatic rendering wall machine works fast, which is 10 times faster than the traditional manual operation speed, which provides favorable conditions for the accelerated completion of the project, and provides more time guarantee for quickly taking the next project.

The advantage of rendering wall machine

1. The automatic plastering machines is equipped with automatic control device for the trip, and it will stop automatically when it reaches the top or the end;
2. Yin and Yang corner in one step, the window, the door is plastered freely;
The top of the beam is designed with special devices. It can be used without rails during the actual operation. It is easy to move and automatically adjust horizontally and vertically, which makes the operation easier and more accurate;
3. Equipped with pull carts, wrenches, etc., to make movement, adjustment more convenient and comfortable;
Equipped with a thickened seamless free-fitting guide tube, you no longer have to worry about re-pipes for changing the work site. The thicker guide tube makes the wall more accurate;
4. Widening the plastering width and plastering 1.10 meters at a time;

In addition, the wall cleaning machine manufacturers remind everyone that the new wall cleaning machine is in use, when the machine is fixed, we need to pick up the wiper flip bar, turn the wiper to the plastering angle, and the point running switch will start, this is A protection against scratching the wiper. If the wiper is not attached to the conveyor belt, it will not be sent. When the machine does not stop or automatically descends, it is necessary to manually stop the reverse switch, so the operator can not stay away from the reverse switch.

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