Automatic cement rendering machine for wall

////Automatic cement rendering machine for wall

Automatic cement rendering machine for wall

cement plastering machine

The cement plastering rendering machine belongs to the field of construction machinery. It’s widely used for plastering the wall surface.

The wall rendering machine eliminates the need for management, pumping and other processes in the construction of plaster wall ash, saving labor, time and convenience. Simple operation and excellent engineering quality, especially for workers who do not have any experience and skills in wall cleaning.

Application range of automatic plastering machine

The wall plaster rendering machine is a special equipment for plastering of residential buildings and office buildings. The smeared walls are: cement wall, brick-concrete wall, hollow wall, burn-free brick wall, red brick wall, foam brick wall, etc. Applicable ash is: white sand ash, cement ash, cement powder, dry powder mortar, dry mixed mortar, stone powder, gypsum, white sand ash, foaming mortar and the like.

rendering machine for wallwall plastering machine

Advantages of a wall plastering machine

1. The wall rendering machine can top 10 craftsmen to work: no foot stand, saving construction shelf costs.
2. Verticality, flatness, and less than manual error: reduce the labor intensity of artisans and improve work efficiency.
3. Double motor split operation: The lifting speed is stable and stable, the operation and powder wall are completed independently, and the wall surface is bright and bright.
4. There is no floor ash: save water and save materials, about 20% more than manual plastering, and reduce construction cost by about 1%.
5. Light and flexible: widely used in interior and exterior decoration of the house, saving time, labor and materials, greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers and improving work efficiency.
6. No dead corners, no cracks, no ash, doors, windows, columns, yin and yang corners are all freely plastered.

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