How to use the interior wall rendering machine

////How to use the interior wall rendering machine

How to use the interior wall rendering machine

wall rendering machine

Wall rendering machine is also known as: plastering machine, wall rendering machine. The wall rendering machine is a machine that automatically plasters the wall. It is a machine that can specifically plaster the wall. The wall rendering machine belongs to the field of construction machinery.

The wall rendering machine has strong practicability. It eliminates the need for management, pumping and other processes in the construction of plaster wall ash. It saves time and effort, is easy to carry, easy to operate, and has excellent engineering quality, especially for workers who do not have any experience and technology to wipe the wall. Can be used, the manufacture of the wall cleaning machine will greatly improve the construction conditions, provide construction efficiency, and ensure reliable construction quality and personal safety. The automatic wall plastering machine has the advantages of compact design, flexible walking on the construction site, and greatly reduced labor intensity.

How to use the wall rendering machine?

1. Generally there will be a manufacturer technician to the field assembly machine and test machine.
2. Wall surface, use a professional laser scanning flat wall meter, at a distance of 15-20 cm from the ground, every 2 meters.
3. Move the machine close to the wall and accurately adjust the machine through the high-precision computer numerical control instrument, so that the machine is in precise position and press the hydraulic pressure.
4. Fill the ash bucket and powder mouth. Note that it is forbidden to fill the ash around the two columns. How much to fill, according to the height of the wall of the room, generally 3 meters high thickness is enough for 2 cm hopper, no need to add ash in the middle
5. The button to the rise switch is the powder plate vibrates for two seconds, the time is adjustable, and then rises again. When the hopper is about one meter, the hopper vibration starts, the time is adjustable, the vibration of the top hopper stops, and the powder plate vibrates for another 1 to 2 seconds, then The manual control stops, the button turns to the down, so that a cycle takes only 2-3 minutes.

How to use the wall rendering machine?
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