Squeeze Hose Pump

Squeeze Hose Pump

The squeeze hose pump, also called the hose pump, is a type of peristaltic pump that works by squeezing a rubber hose. The squeeze pump includes a power section: a geared motor, and a working part: a pump head. The pump head comprises a pump casing and a drive plate, and the drive plate is connected with the reducer main shaft, and the drive wheel is driven by the motor to drive the drive plate to rotate. A pair of squeeze wheels are symmetrically distributed on the drive plate, and the squeeze wheel rotates around the inner wall of the pump casing under the driving of the drive plate, and the working hose-rubber hose is squeezed together with the pump casing. The rubber hose has a high recovery characteristic, can form a high vacuum to suck the slurry, and discharge the slurry under the squeeze of the squeeze wheel. Thereby the delivery of the fluid slurry is completed. The following types of squeeze pumps are available: RH15, RH25, RH32, RH38, RH50, RH65, RH76, RH89, RH100. Flow rates range from 0.18L/min to 42m3/h.

Squeeze hose pumps application

Squeeze hose pumps can be widely used to transport a variety of acidic, alkaline, corrosive, viscous fluids and a variety of chemical slurry, so extrusion pumps are widely used in various industries. Such as: paper industry, metallurgical industry, sewage treatment, Beer production industry, construction engineering, water conservancy and hydropower engineering and other fields.

Squeeze pump has more advantages than traditional other types of pumps, such as: 1. No valve work, no backflow, stable operation, low failure rate; 2. Import and export can be freely converted, when it is blocked, it is convenient to clean; 3. The performance of the extruded tube is good, the vacuum is high, and the self-suction ability is strong; 4. The wearing parts are few.

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