Operation Safety Index of Dry Shotcrete Machine

////Operation Safety Index of Dry Shotcrete Machine

Operation Safety Index of Dry Shotcrete Machine

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Dry shotcrete machine operation safety index

1. When connecting the power cable, connect the tensile strength, the cable interface seal, and the protection of the explosion-proof surface.

2. When the shotcrete machine is spraying the materials, it is necessary to prevent long and large metal blocks such as bolts and nuts from entering the material chamber to avoid accidents caused by the machine.

3. When the dry shotcrete machine operation is carried out, the main engine operator should observe the pressure of the gas pressure gauge at any time. If the air pressure is abnormally high, the feeding should be stopped. After the working state of the gas circuit is normal, it will enter normal operation.

4. The components and important components and raw materials in the shotcrete machine are all selected to meet the requirements of the standard. The user shall not replace it at will. If it is necessary to replace it, the components or raw materials that meet the relevant standards shall be selected.

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