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Wet Shotcrete Machine Working Principle And Advantages

Working principle of wet shotcrete machine The working process of the concrete jet machine is: the premixed mixture falls into the hopper through the screen, and is transferred from the skipper and the batching tray into the falling hopper to the rotor cup. As the rotor rotates into the pneumatic system, the [...]

6月 17th, 2019|Categories: Shotcrete Machine|Tags: , , |Wet Shotcrete Machine Working Principle And Advantages已关闭评论

Shotcrete Machine And Concrete Jet Manipulator

Concrete shotcrete machine Shotcrete machine is the use of compressed air to transport a certain proportion of concrete mix through the pipeline and high-speed injection to the surface to be solidified by the spray surface to form a concrete support layer. In recent years, shotcrete technology has been widely used in construction, [...]

6月 13th, 2019|Categories: Concrete Spraying Machine, Concrete Spraying System, Shotcrete Machine|Tags: , , , |Shotcrete Machine And Concrete Jet Manipulator已关闭评论

Industrial squeeze peristaltic pump working principle

Industrial hose pump working principle: The hose pump is a rotor type positive displacement pump that operates on the elasticity of the flexible element (hybrid) in the pump and the roller or shoe on the rotor. The material being conveyed is surrounded by a hose and is not in contact with other parts. The [...]

6月 5th, 2019|Categories: Industrial Hose Pump|Tags: , , , |Industrial squeeze peristaltic pump working principle已关闭评论

Advantages of automatic feeding shotcrete machine

Electric motor concrete sprayer automatic feeding shotcrete machine widely used in coal mine, tunnels, culverts, subway, underground engineering ect. The following are the advantages of automatic feeding shotcrete machine 1, labor savingProvincial labor: Tunnel construction is one of the most difficult environments in the existing construction, and it is a high-risk environment. This product [...]

5月 31st, 2019|Categories: Dry Mortar Mixing Plant|Tags: , |Advantages of automatic feeding shotcrete machine已关闭评论

Cement grouting injection machine malaysia

The high pressure cement grout injection pump is a light high pressure pump. The latest generation of products that can pump medium such as clear water and high-density cement slurry, and equipped with a speed control mechanism, can be used as a variable pump. It has the characteristics of reasonable parameters, advanced [...]

5月 31st, 2019|Categories: Grout Pump|Tags: , , , , |Cement grouting injection machine malaysia已关闭评论

How to clean and maintain wall plastering machine

The wall plastering machine is a machine that automatically plasters the wall surface. The cement plaster machine belongs to the field of construction machinery. Its advantages and practicality are strong. It eliminates the need for management, pumping and other processes in the construction of plastering wall ash, saving labor, time and convenience. It is easy [...]

5月 15th, 2019|Categories: Automatic Rendering Machine|Tags: , , |How to clean and maintain wall plastering machine已关闭评论
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