Automatic cement sand mortar mix

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Project Description

Automatic cement sand mortar mix




4 reasons for choosing our products

  • Cement Sand and other 1-2min to charge;
  • Cement Sand mixer output 50000kg/H;
  • Cement Sand mixer 1-2min/batch;
  • Only 4 workers can operate;
  • Special mortar mixing plant.

Finished mortar packing system Optional:

  • Valve Packing Machine
  • Exposure Packing Machine
  • Manual Packing


Mode Capacity Area Height Note
Simple 1-5t/h 40㎡ 3m Manual batching and packing
Basic 5-10t/h 40-60㎡ 6-10m Manual batching ,automatic packing
Full Automatic Serial 5-50t/h 40-80㎡ 8-12m Automatic batching of coarse material,manual 

batching of additive ,automatic packing

Full Automatic Tower 5-50t/h 40-100㎡ 10-25m Automatic batching of coarse material,manual

batching of additive,automatic packing

mortar mixing plant drawing

mortar mixing plant drawing

Application of mortar mix plant

How to mix mortar?
The structure of the Automatic cement sand mortar mix: dry mortar production line is mainly composed by the the hoist, premixed positions, small silos, mixers, finished products warehouse, packaging machines, dust collector, electric control cabinet, gas balancing system. The Automatic cement sand mortar mix large proportion of cement and other raw materials can be measured through artificial after hoist into the premixed positions, cellulose powder and other the small sand and cement mix proportion precious master batch into admixture hopper by electronic scales, mortar finished material after the mixer through the valve pockets automatic packing packaging machine or packaging machine spacious pocket. Can be used according to the needs of the belt conveyor mortar finished products shipped to the finished product accumulation. The mortar machine production now has the investment is moderate, short construction period, investment quick and so. Automatic cement sand mortar mix Equipment generally yield up to 10-40 tons per hour. 3-5 operating workers, equipment height of 6-10 meters, covers an area of ​​20-30 square meters.


Types of dry cement mortar mix plant

Type Description
Masonry mortar,wall and floor tile
adhesive mortar etc
Decorative plaster,inner and outer
wall putty,colorful decoration mortar etc
Water-proof mortar,anti-corrosion mortar,self-leveling mortar,wear resistance mortar,thermal
insulation mortar, sound insulation mortar,repair
mortar,mildew-proof mortar,shielding mortar
Adhesive mortar Ceramic tile adhesive ,filler,heat preservation multiplexed system use adhesive mortar
Rendering mortar internal and external rendering mortar, lacquer putty, colored decoration mortar, heat preservation mortar,etc.
Masonry mortar concrete masonry mortar,heat preservation masonry mortar,etc.
Floorscreed mortar normal floorscreed mortar ,self-leveling mortar,etc.
Special mortar mending mortar ,waterproof mortar,etc.


What is mortar mix how to configuration?

Dry mortar mix configuration: 3-6 cans of raw materials used in the mortar production line with an annual output of two million tons, under normal circumstances, put in two large tanks used for bulk cement and fly ash, and the remaining small can put in light calcium, heavy calcium, sand and other materials. Bulk cement and fly ash into the tank does not require lifting equipment by pump into the. Bulk fly ash storage is generally cylindrical cage structure, its upper dust removal equipment to prevent dust leakage, the lower part is equipped with arch breaker to prevent powder caking powder discharged smoothly, and equipped with a material position sensing device, Keep warehouse materials usage.

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