Mechanical Piston Grouting Pump

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Project Description

Mechanical Piston Grouting Pump







4 kinds recommended Cement Pump

  • Cement
  • Grouting injection Pump
  • Full Hydraumatic
  • Conveyor and Grouting pump

Other Injection Grouting Pump:

  • Mechanical Piston Grouting Pump
  • Double hydraulic Grouting Pump
  • Hand-operation Grouting Pump


Item OG130-20  OG60-40
Work elements single Kolbenzylinder double action.spherical valve reversing single Kolbenzylinder double action.spherical valve reversing
Output 130 L/min 60 L/min
Pressure 2 MPa(20bar/290psi) 4 MPa(40bar/580psi)
Cylinder Dia φ75 mm φ75 mm
Piston stroke 85 mm 85 mm
Piston Speed 180 /min 85 /min
Inlet diameter 51 mm 38 mm
Outlet diameter 38 mm 32 mm
Power unit 5.5 kW(Electric) 10hp(Diesel) 5.5 kW(Electric) 10hp(Diesel)
Transmission V-belts +gear case V-belts +gear case
Chassis Skid Skid
Weight 260 kg 210 kg
Dimensions 1400×650×920 mm 1280×485×645 mm
Note:Single or Double Passageway.Skid or Tyre



Introduction of Mechanical Piston Grouting Pump

Single cylinder. double-acting grouting pump with gear reducer, which is a universal medium-pressure grouting pump.
The OG6040 & OG130-20 is a piston-grouting pump for the processing of middle pressure grouting. The machine is suitable for grouting with either of single slurry and two different slurries. It can be widely used for tunnels, slope, mining, bridge and all sorts of underground engineering etc.

Features of OG60-40 & OG130-20 Mechanical Piston Grouting Pump Features

1.Single piston double-acting;
2.Gear&vee belt transmission makes this pump high mechanical efficiency and working reliability;
3.Integrated valve house and ball valve, together with compact structure;
4.Body of pump is made of aluminum casting,low weight is an advantage for transport;
5.Grouting/pumping slurry.cement mortar and sand mortar etc;
6.Can complete double slurry grouting and single slurry grouting.

Advantages of OG13020:

Compact & light weight : The pump is so compact that it even go into the boot of a car.Body of pump is made of aluminum casting: about 2 1/2 times lighter than iron casting used by other manufacturer.Powerful & Durable: With a discharged pressure of 20 kg/cm2. This pump is ideal for almost all soil drilling operations.Economical & Easy Simple design makes maintenance easy and economical Maintenance: Easy availability of parts at reasonable prices.

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