Multi-function Spraying Machine

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Project Description

Multi-function Spraying Machine

4 kinds recommended Cement Pump

  • Cement
  • Grouting injection Pump
  • Full Hydraumatic
  • Conveyor and Grouting pump

Other Injection Grouting Pump:

  • Mechanical Piston Grouting Pump
  • Double hydraulic Grouting Pump
  • Hand-operation Grouting Pump
Item GLP-2
Voltage 220V
Theoretical Flow 0-8L/min
Max.Pressure 2MPa
Dclivery Distance 30m
Delivery Height 20m
Bucket Capacity 25L
Cross Power 0.75KW
Auxiliary Air Compressor 0.36 m3/min
Spray Hose Φ19×10m
Air Pipe Φ10×10m
Nozzle Φ6,Φ8,Φ10
Dimension 650×500×1000mm
Weight 52kg

Introduction Of Multi-function Spraying Machine

Spraying Machine is a multi-function and fast plastering equipment of Worm pressurization and high pressure ,and is designed based on the Germany plastering technology and general situation,equipped with European-style electric motor ,use of advanced variable speed control system,which can adjust the flow according to the situation,to achieve the best plastering results.

Features of Multi-function Spraying Machine

1.Change the flow,spraying out the best results;
2.Spray gun barrel and a link can be rotated for easy operation;
3.Save time and effort of university;
4.Small size ,easy to handle;
5.Special materials,little or no loss of parts;
6.Main technology parameter of automatic plastering machine.

Applications Of Multi-function Spraying Machine

Multi-function Spraying Machine is suitable for plastering various of light materials like putty paint,lacquer,embossed paint,preservative ,waterproof materials,steel fireproofing material,cement mortar.

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