Diesel engine Wet-Dry Mix Shotcrete Machine

/////Diesel engine Wet-Dry Mix Shotcrete Machine
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Project Description

Diesel engine Concrete Wet-Dry Mix Shotcrete Machine








5 reasons for choosing our products

  • • Dry mix or wet concrete shotcrete machine;
  • • 3 CUB/H,5 CUB/H,9 CUB/H,10-30 CUB/H ;
  • • Drive: Electric, diesel, air-operated ;
  • • General or anti-explosion;
  • • Different wheels;

Hot Sales Concrete Spraying Optional:

  • √ Dry and wet mix shotcrete machine
  • √ Dry mix shotcrete , Wet mix shotcrete
  • √ Concrete Spraying Convey pump
Model OPZ-3 OPZ-5 OPZ-9
Output 3m3/h 5.5m3/h 9m3/h
Max.conv.dist 200 m 200 m 150 m
Water cement ratio <0.4 <0.4 <0.35
Max.Aggregate.size 10 mm 15 mm 20 mm
Hose inner size φ42/50 mm φ50 mm φ64 mm
Operating air pressure 0.2-0.6 MPa 0.2-0.6 MPa 0.2-0.6 MPa
Air consumption 13-14m3/min 15-16m3/min 17-18m3/min
Motor power 3 kW(4hp) 5.5 kW(7.5hp) 7.5 kW(10hp)
Dimension 1130x1020x540mm 1350x1020x750mm 1500x1320x830mm
Weight 520kg 780kg 980kg
Basic chassis ①.Tyre ②.Skid ③.Rail-wheel
Driving Type Diesel engine drive




Introduction Of Wet-Dry Mix Shotcrete Machine

Wet-Mix Shotcrete Machine is used for dry mix or wet mix concrete spraying procession, Wet-Mix Shotcrete Machine is widely employed in mining, tunnel lining, channel lining, culvert, subway, seismic rehab, specialty projects, hydropower engineering, etc.
Shotcrete machines Part:
Shotcrete Machine steel lining,shotcrete under sealing plate,shotcrete upper sealing plate,rotor,ubber chamber,taper sleeve,rubber elbow,shotcrete conveying hose,shotcrete Nozzle,quick coupling,joint,nozzle boss,swirler,gearboxes,distributor,tyre

Working Principle of Wet-Dry Mix Shotcrete Machine

With “wet-process shotcrete” a low-slump concrete mix is pumped with a Concrete Pump to the end of the pipeline. conveys the pre-dampened mix by compressed air. the pre-concrete is mixed firstly . and then putted into shotcrete machine. This compressed air typically comes from a 165-185cfm air compressor – sold separately. The addition of the compressed air adds velocity to the concrete so it sprays out of the nozzle. This velocity, combined with the low slump of the shotcrete mix, allows the concrete to be sprayed on slopes, vertical walls, and overhead .

Applications Of Wet-Dry Mix Shotcrete Machine

1.Shotcrete for Civil Underground Foundation , Express-Way Construction, Railway Construction;
2. Shotcrete for building surface;
3. Shotcrete for Tunneling , Mining ,Hydropower Project;
4. Shotcrete for Slope Stabilization

Features Of Wet-Dry Mix Shotcrete Machine

• electric drive can be combined with tyre chassis.
• Air motor drive or diesel drive combined with single hydraulic power pack.
• Skid or Rail-wheel

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