Wet Concrete shotcrete spraying pump

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Project Description

Wet Concrete shotcrete spraying pump








5 reasons for choosing our products

  • Dry mix or wet concrete spryaing machine;
  • 3 CUB/H,5 CUB/H,9 CUB/H,10-30 CUB/H ;
  • Drive: Electric, diesel, air-operated ;
  • General or anti-explosion;
  • Different wheels;

Hot Sales Concrete Spraying Optional:

  • √ Dry and wet mix shotcrete machine
  • √ Dry mix shotcrete , Wet mix shotcrete
  • √ Concrete Spraying Convey pump
7 m ³/h
5 MPa
Hopper capacity
170 L
Loading Height
1050 mm
Suitable slump
60-180 mm
Max.grain size for spraying
15 mm
Pipe and hose size
65/50 mm
Horizontal conveying distance
120 m
Vertical conveying distance
50 m
Drop out
Electric motor
15 kw
Air pressure
0.3 MPa
Use air value
3 m³/min
2530×1300×1300 mm
1100 kg




Advantages Of Wet mix shotcrete pump

It incorporates the advantages of wet-mix spraying with the low cost of a dry-mix machine. It is a machine that fills the void in the medium to small capacity class, but keeps the same characteristics of larger pumps. The Oriental XBS7 is an oil hydraulically driven twin-piston pump.It is extremely simple in construction and operation. It is very compact, durable and versatile enough for any site in the world.

Feature of Wet mix shotcrete pump

1.Thick flow conveying method with hand-spraying make the concrete spraying is even, steady with less air consumption comparing to thin flow conveying method.
2. OPB7 is a high efficiency machine with a longer conveying distance,horizontal 150m and vertical 70m.
3.PLC standard electrical control system controls provide fool-proof operation .
4. Soft-start protects electric system and motor.
5. Two independent oil pressure circuits.
6.Accelerating agent by the hand pump wheel can be adjusted emissions.
7. Double piston pump with S-tube and change-over cylinders for a positive action.
8. Self-sealing, superhard sealing and plate.
9. Automatically reversing pistons relieve the conveying system when blocked.
10.Main oil is supplied by a high-pressure, variable-flow, axial piston pump. A gear pump provides separate circuit for the dosing pump.
11.Tough hopper with vibrator and grill designed for work with steel fibers.
12.Low weight is an advantage for transport.
13.Centrally positioned lubrication point for easy service.

Applications Of Concrete Wet mix shotcrete pump

OPB7 wet mix concrete pumping / spraying machine can be used for the conveying and spraying of wet-mix concrete. Typical applications include permanent and temporary rock support in tunnels and mines, or in fact wherever sprayed concrete is to be applied.
It can also for hand-spraying .concrete pumping, grouting, repair work, artificial soil seeding, mortar spraying, and refractory material spraying. Being a piston pump it provides much more versatility, in both mix types and potential conveying distances, than a rotor/stator pump of a similar capacity.Pumping of thick and stiff mixes also poses no problem, as the concrete is delivered up to 67 bar. Its compact design enables easy integration into any kind of carrier chassis.

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